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Day of Secrets
Girl on the Run

French Bistro Mysteries

Delve into the French Bistro Mysteries' World

A Deadly Eclair

Cookbook Nook Mysteries

Delve into the Cookbook Nook Mysteries' World

Grilling the Subject
Fudging the Books
Stirring the Plot
Inherit the Word
Final Sentence

Cheese Shop Mysteries

Delve into the Cheese Shop Mysteries' World

For Cheddar or Worse
As Gouda as Dead
Days of Wine and Roquefort
To Brie ornot to Brie
Clobbered by Camembert
Lost and Fondue
The Long Quiche Goodbye

Not So Cozy by Daryl

MWA Cookbook
Writes of Passage
The Cozy Cookbook
Fish Tales