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To Brie or not To Brie

Bookclub Questions

To Brie or Not to Brie
  1. Charlotte is taking on a lot this time around, with the shop, moving the twins, and her friend’s wedding. When do you feel that there is too much going on in a novel? In your own life?

  2. Charlotte would go to the ends of the earth for her cousin. Do you feel like this about any of your extended family?

  3. Jordan’s decided to move his sister to Providence. Was his decision wise? Would you have done the same?

  4. Grandmère, with Delilah’s help, is putting on another adventuresome production. Do you like Shakespeare? Would you attend a play in the park?

  5. Jacky is in jeopardy. Do you think she did the right thing running away from her husband?

  6. Charlotte tries her best to keep Urso apprised of her findings. Do you think there’s any way she could butt out entirely and feel good about herself?

  7. Family means everything to Charlotte. How do you relate to your family? Is there anyone you wish you could see again who you’ve lost touch with?

  8. How do you feel about people that spread gossip? Do you think these characters are vital to a mystery?

  9. Grandmère didn’t confide in Pépère because he was ill. Would you have made the same decision?

  10. Did you guess the identity of the killer? If not, who did you think it was?

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