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A Deadly Éclair

Bookclub Questions

A Deadly Eclair

Note: Daryl Wood Gerber is available to talk with your book club by telephone or iChat or Skype. Please email Daryl to arrange a date and time.

  1. Family is the most important thing in the world to Mimi. How did it affect you to find out her husband lied to her and left her bankrupt?

  2. A theme of the book could be how one moment can change your life forever. How has this twist of fate affected you personally? How did it affect Mimi?

  3. How did you feel about how Mimi balanced the elements of her move, her life, accepting help from a benefactor?

  4. Creating a credible villain is one of the writer's hardest tasks. Readers want to know the "why." Did the reasons for the victim's murder ring true? Was the killer a sympathetic character?

  5. Which of the secondary characters was your favorite and why?

  6. French cooking is a major factor of The French Bistro Mystery series. Did you find the mentions of food and the preparations of the food satisfying?

  7. Did you know there's a list of recipes mentioned on the website under More About the World... Which was your favorite recipe?

  8. Will you try the recipes included at the back of the book?

  9. As is common in cozy mysteries nowadays, there is also a romantic element to consider. While investigating the murder, Mimi finds herself attracted to Nash Hawke. What do you think of the romantic chemistry between Mimi and Nash? There is a rumor that Nash might be a rover. How should Mimi handle this aspect of his character? Is she wise to be cautious?

  10. Is there anyone else that you think Mimi should date? What would be her ideal man?

Thanks to each and every one of you for reading A Deadly Éclair and finding the time to discuss it.

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