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Savor the Mystery Fan Club

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Are you looking for some exclusive, behind-the-scenes content you can't get anywhere else? Then the Savor the Mystery Fan Club is the place for you! This is a very special group I've created just for my readers where I'll share exclusive excerpts, recipes, and contests only available to members. There will be Sparky pictures, inspiring quotes and photos, and other fun and games I'm creating especially for you!

Want to join this exclusive club? All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter and boom! You're in! As you know, I value your privacy, so I won't share your information with anyone else or bombard your inbox—I only send out information on new and upcoming releases and special announcements.

Please choose the correct option below... Sparky and I look forward to seeing you!

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Tasty Puzzles

I love all sorts of puzzles. Crosswords, word search, jumbles. Enjoy the puzzles created just for this site! I'll add more as the Fan Club grows, one for every book I write.

Zesty Reading

In this section, you'll find an exclusive excerpt from one of my upcoming books. This is not necessarily Chapter One, which you can read in any of the "worlds" created on the Books page.

Dangerous Recipes

In addition to the recipes already found on this site and shared either in my books or on my blog Mystery Lovers Kitchen, I'd like to share a "secret" recipe. Only available to club members. Always downloadable.

Fun Pix

You all know and love my Golden-doodle Sparky, and I enjoy sharing silly photos or videos featuring him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and elsewhere, but there's only so much silliness Sparky can provide, so I've asked my fans to share their fun pix with me, and I've posted a few here for your viewing pleasure.