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Note: Daryl Wood Gerber is available to talk with your book club by telephone or iChat or Skype. Please email Daryl to arrange a date and time.

  1. This is the second in a series and although it can stand alone, there is history for Aspen in the first book. Do you prefer to read books in order?
  2. Aspen is growing as an investigator. Do you find it believable that she threw away her previous career to do what she's doing?
  3. When Aspen decides to investigate it's not just because she cared about her doctor, but she wants to help a friend. Would that motivation compel you to investigate?
  4. Aspen is struggling to keep Candace busy. Is it right for her to rely on neighbors or friends? What else could she do?
  5. Nick Shaper is clearly in love with Aspen. Does his reaction to her intrusion into the case feel appropriate in its intensity?
  6. Gloria Morning is a bright woman and yet these letters from this supposed fan have her rattled. Is she overacting? Would you feel threatened or safe, given what the letters say?
  7. Candace is still fragile but she's testing the waters. Will she buck Aspen or fall in line with what her aunt needs because she trusts Aspen's guidance?
  8. Did the final twist surprise you?
  9. Did you guess the killer's ultimate motive before it was revealed?

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