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For Cheddar or Worse

Bookclub Questions

For Cheddar or Worse
  1. Charlotte and Jordan are married? Of course, this ends the suspense of wondering who she might choose, Jordan or U-ey. Did you prefer U-ey to Jordan? Do you think, after reading this book, that Jordan is right for her now?

  2. Charlotte would go to the ends of the earth for her friends and family. Do you feel like this about any of your extended family?

  3. One of the fun scenes to write for this book was set in The White Horse cooking class, bandying about titles of films and changing them to “cheese-y” titles. Did you enjoy the lighthearted moment?

  4. The Cheese Festival blocked all thoroughfares. There was plenty to do and pedestrian traffic was strong. Have you ever been to a town where all the roads are blocked off for fun?

  5. This was a closed-room murder. Have you read others like that? Which was the best one you’ve read?

  6. What did you think of the cheese poetry included in the story? Can you make up a poem and bring it to the book club to share?

  7. As always, Charlotte does her best to keep in touch with Chief Urso, but often, he cuts her off and doesn’t want to know her ideas, even though time and again she has proven herself savvy. Does this irk you? Is there someone in your life who doesn’t listen to your ideas?

  8. Cheddar is the main food featured in this mystery. What is your favorite Cheddar? Did you look to see how many recipes were included in this book this time? Do you think you’ll try the peanut butter quiche?

  9. Did you guess the identity of the killer? If so, good for you.

  10. Did you figure out “why” the killer did it?

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