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For Cheddar or Worse

For Cheddar or Worse

Special Excerpt

Scene: at Sunday night cooking class, headed up by Jordan and attended by Charlotte, Rebecca, Deputy Devon O'Shea, Chief Urso, Delilah and Tyanne. As they are cooking, Devon makes Rebecca laugh! They're fooling around with movie titles.

Rebecca giggled some more. "Guess this: 'I love the smell of Parmesan in the morning.'"

"Apocalypse Now," Jordan said.

"Correct!" Rebecca winked at Devon. "How about, 'Puree it again, Sam'?"

"Casablanca," Tyanne chimed."Right!" Rebecca clapped her hands.

"Except there's no cheese in that line," I said.

"Don't be a stickler," Rebecca chided. "How about this one? 'May the fondue be with you.'"

"Star Wars," Delilah shouted.

"Yes!" Rebecca nearly cheered. "Aren't these fun? How about this? 'I've never kissed a Jarlsberg thief before."

"That's a stretch," I said.

"You know it?"

"Yes. You swapped Jarlsberg for jewel. It's from To Catch a Thief. And the line is 'I've never caught a jewel thief before.'" The Hitchcock classic is one of my all-time favorite movies. "Grace Kelly says it to Cary Grant."

Rebecca smiled. "That man is so yummy."

"Sugar, you're not kidding." Tyanne sighed with a swoon. "Has anyone ever seen a dreamier cat burglar than Cary Grant? And those fireworks that light up the sky when they lock lips? Magical."

"Your turn, Charlotte," Rebecca challenged. "Do you have a quote?"

© Avery Aames

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