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Fudging the Books

Bookclub Questions

Fudging the Books
  1. It’s Pirate Week in Crystal Cove. Have you ever play-acted as a pirate or seen a pirate type show?

  2. It’s also National Chocolate Month, so the shop is sponsoring a Chocolate Cookbook Club where they will share chocolate recipes, dine, and meet authors. Is this a book club you’d be interested in?

  3. When Coco Chastain and her editor, Alison Foodie, get into a fight, did you believe them? When Coco is accused of murder, did you flash back on that mock-fight?

  4. Jenna’s relationship with Rhett is solid. They’re dating more. Do you think he could be the right man for her? Why?

  5. Jenna gets involved in this mystery because she knows Coco and liked Alison. Is she overstepping as an amateur sleuth anywhere along the line? How would you caution her in the future?

  6. Jenna has a better relationship this time with Deputy Appleby. He seems quite smitten with Jenna’s aunt. Is Jenna wise to give him dating advice? Do you think Appleby and Vera are fated to be together or is he too young?

  7. Jenna is learning more and more in the kitchen. If you are like her and learning to cook, have you made any big strides in the kitchen because she’s given you the courage?

  8. Do you read the recipes at the backs of the books? Do you try them out? Do you know that I, the author, also blog on Mystery Lovers Kitchen and share recipes every Wednesday with my fellow blog mates?

  9. Alison Foodie has a brother who seems pretty useless. Do you have any family members or friends like that? Would you reach out to help them, or do you believe each person much make their own fate?

  10. Did you guess the identity of the killer? Did you guess the motive before it was revealed?

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