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As Gouda as Dead

Bookclub Questions

As Gouda as Dead
  1. Charlotte is getting ready to marry Jordan. Have you ever been to a bachelorette party like hers?

  2. Charlotte would go to the end of the earth for her friends and family. Do you feel like this about any of your extended family?

  3. Communicating via cell phone plays a major factor in this book. Do you live in an area where cell phones glitch out?

  4. This book is set in the winter. Do you enjoy winter sports like cross-country skiing and ice-skating? Does setting a book in winter add texture or simply make you cold?

  5. Charlotte is very observant. She has worked on this talent. Are you that observant?

  6. Would you like to visit a town that has a different social event every week? Would it make you come back repeatedly to the town?

  7. Charlotte does her best to keep in touch with Chief Urso, but as above, communication is difficult. Is there someone in your life who would get upset if you didn’t keep in touch?

  8. Food is featured in all of the Cheese Shop mysteries. Do you try the recipes? Do you prefer the sweet or savory?

  9. Did you guess the identity of the killer? If so, good for you. But did you figure out “why” the killer did it?

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