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Inherit the Word

Bookclub Questions

Inherit the Word
  1. Jenna is excited to have a Grill Fest contest in her shop, but she might not have taken all the precautions she needed to. Have you ever done that in your own life, bitten off more than you can chew?

  2. Jenna would go to the end of the earth for her friends and family. Lola Bird, her “second” mother is suspected of murder. Do you think Jenna has the right to investigate the crime in order to exonerate Lola?

  3. Bailey is getting involved with a Latin paddleboarding teacher. He has a life beyond that profession, but it might be impossible for him to pursue that dream in the United States. How do you feel about a long-distance romance?

  4. Do you have a favorite restaurant or diner that you visit? What is it about the place that lures you to it, time and again?

  5. Text messaging has become a major means of communication in today’s society. How do you feel about text messaging and other digital influences? Is it all just for the young?

  6. Jenna is distraught to find out that her husband had secrets. As she pursues the truth, do you already have a suspicion about what happened?

  7. Family means everything to Jenna. How do you relate to your family? Is there anyone you wish you could see again with whom you’ve lost touch?

  8. Secrets are vital to a mystery. Is it believable that so many people could keep these secrets hidden for so long?

  9. Crystal Cove hops with activities throughout the year. Is it a town you’d like to visit? Why?

  10. Who did you first think was the killer and why? Did you ultimately guess the identity of the killer? Did you guess the motive?

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