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The Long Quiche Goodbye

Bookclub Questions

The Long Quiche Goodbye
  1. Family is the most important thing in the world to Charlotte. How did it affect you to find out about Charlotte’s parents?

  2. A theme of the book could be how one moment can change your life and the lives of others forever. How has this twist of fate affected you personally? How did it affect Charlotte?

  3. Do you feel tha Charlotte balanced the new elements of her life, job, extended family, and love relationship? Do you mind that she was a snoop? Are there any aspects of Charlotte that don’t ring true?

  4. Creating a credible villain is one of the writer’s hardest tasks. Readers want to know the “why”. Did the reasons for the victim’s murder ring true? Was the killer a sympathetic character?

  5. Which of the secondary characters was your favorite and why?

  6. Cheese is a major factor of The Cheese Shop Mysteries. Did you find the mentions of cheese satisfying?

  7. Which was your favorite meal?

  8. While investigating the murder, Charlotte finds her romance heating up with the mysterious cheese maker, Jordan Pace. What do you think of the romantic chemistry between Charlotte and Jordan? Do they make an interesting couple, one that you would want to read about in future books?

  9. An interesting twist is provided when Mystery Woman appears on the scene, and she’s hugging Jordan Pace. Who did you think she was? By the end of the book, do you like her? Does she add mystery to Jordan’s life as well?

  10. On a lighter note, Chief of Police Umberto Urso used to have a crush on Charlotte. Do you think he still does? Will they ever date? How would that relationship be different from the standard female amateur sleuth falling in love with the male detective?

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