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Lost and Fondue

Bookclub Questions

Lost and Fondue
  1. In the wake of Sylvie’s arrival, Charlotte feels very protective of her cousin and nieces. Can you relate?

  2. Charlotte goes into an abandoned building alone, looking for Rebecca. Would you do something that brave?

  3. Meredith’s party brings all sorts of new people to town. Prudence calls the visitors riffraff. How do you feel about newcomers? Do you reach out to them or shun them?

  4. Grandmére is putting on a budding playwright’s play. Was she wise to do so? Have you given an unknown a chance, in any capacity?

  5. Rebecca is always giving Charlotte a nudge. Have you ever pointed someone in the right direction? Could this book have been written from Rebecca’s point of view?

  6. Charlotte believes somebody close to Meredith is lying. Are there enough clues backing her suspicion?

  7. Family interaction is key to Charlotte’s life. How do you relate to your family? Are there relationships you wish you could mend?

  8. Prudence and Sylvie are always picking on Charlotte. Are there any zingers you could give her to fight back?

  9. Charlotte is obviously in love with Jordan. What do you think she’ll do about her trip with him? How will Urso feel?

  10. Did you guess the identity of the killer? If not, who did you think it was?

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