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Pressing the Issue

Bookclub Questions

Pressing the Issue

Note: Daryl Wood Gerber is available to talk with your book club by telephone or iChat or Skype. Please email Daryl to arrange a date and time.

  1. The Renaissance Fair has come to town. Have you ever attended one? Did you like that it was intimate and set on the Pier?

  2. Of course, with this kind of theme, Jenna is focusing on stocking Renaissance-themed cookbooks as well as history books for her clients. What is your favorite Renaissance-themed food?

  3. When Jenna follows Bailey into Nick's house and sees him on the floor, did you think the scene was believable? There is no policeman stopping her. Did you like that she took in the surroundings, noticing Post-its and such on Nick's refrigerator?

  4. Jenna's relationship with Rhett is solid. Is Rhett the right man for her? Why?

  5. Jenna gets involved in this mystery because she enjoyed Nick as well as her friend Bailey is distraught over losing her wedding venue. People share things with Jenna. She doesn't pry. Does this feel natural to you? Do Jenna and Chief Pritchett lock horns too much or just the right amount?

  6. As for Bailey, can you identify with her? Have you ever had to cancel a wedding or party and felt like there was nothing you could do to get it back on track?

  7. What was your favorite food or meal mentioned in the book?

  8. The relationship between Sean and Melody is tense. Did you pick up on that early on? Or did you think, like others did, that they were a sweet couple?

  9. Did you guess the motive before it was revealed? What were the clues that led you to your conclusion?

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