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Shredding the Evidence

Bookclub Questions

Shredding the Evidence

Note: Daryl Wood Gerber is available to talk with your book club by telephone or iChat or Skype. Please email Daryl to arrange a date and time.

  1. Have you ever attended a Food Bowl-type event? Would you like to?

  2. While reading, did you pick up on how often the book's theme of shredding made an appearance? Name a few.

  3. When Jenna and Bailey find Kylie O, Jenna ties to understand what is on the shredded paper. Would you have been bold enough to try to view evidence? Why or why not?

  4. Jenna's relationship with Rhett is solid, but his new restaurant is complicating things. What advice would you give the two of them?

  5. Jenna is an amateur sleuth and amateur sleuths need a good reason to get involved with a murder. Did you feel her relationships with Bailey and Tito were enough of an impetus?

  6. As for Tito, did you believe he was innocent? How about his alibi? Did it sound believable?

  7. Have you ever attended a food demonstration like the one Katie and Midge put on at the Cookbook Nook? What did you like or not like about it?

  8. Cinnamon is pregnant. When she found herself in the hospital, did you think it was reasonable that she deputize Jenna for a short while?

  9. Did Jenna handle facing off with the killer well? Was she equipped to handle the threat?

  10. Perhaps you guessed the culprit before the end, but did you guess the motive before it was revealed? What were the clues that led you to your conclusion? Did any red herrings steer you in the wrong direction?

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