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Days of Wine and Roquefort

Bookclub Questions

Days of Wine and Roquefort
  1. Charlotte is once again living alone. Her cousin and his daughters have moved out. She’s going through a bout of loneliness. Have you experienced this in your own life? How did you cope?

  2. Charlotte adores her cousin. Do you feel like this about any of your extended family?

  3. Jordan is out of town. How do you feel about their relationship? Will it survive the challenges?

  4. Grandmère, with Delilah’s help, is putting on a Thanksgiving production. Do you like attending productions that are historical? How about those which are performed by children?

  5. Charlotte believes Matthew is keeping a secret. How would you advise her to draw out the truth?

  6. Prudence Hart and Sylvie Bessette are constantly at each other. Do you have anyone in your life that always raises your hackles?

  7. Charlotte doesn’t always confide in Chief Urso, though she tries to. Does it frustrate you that he is not always available? In your life, if you own a cell phone, how often does your cell phone cut out on you?

  8. Food is featured in all of the Cheese Shop mysteries. Do you like the selections? Do you ever try the recipes? Do you trust that a mystery author can come up with tasty recipes?

  9. Did you guess the identity of the killer? If not, who did you think it was?

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