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Hi, Readers! Thanks for coming to my website. FYI, I am giving away a book every day on my Facebook page to give you a little spark of hope during this trying time. It’s not much but simply a way for me to give back to you. Who knows how long we’re in for here, right? Look for the daily post that says “Day” and “Number” with a picture of one of my books. Each giveaway only lasts about 12 hours. I pick winners at the end of every day... or early the next morning.

Also, I hope you are buying books from bookstores. I did a couple of virtual bookstore chats for my latest release. Many stores are open for online orders and curbside pickup. If you are interested in supporting independent bookstores, please visit IndieBound or Bookshop.

Stay safe!

While you're here, please be sure to join my Newsletter below so you can participate in all the contests and giveaways throughout the year. Plus, you’ll receive a notice whenever I release a new book! All members of my newsletter list may enter the Savor the Mystery Fan Club where there are lots of freebies, exclusive stories, and more.