Why Did I Choose to Write this Story

One day years ago I was wondering how I would feel if my grown son were to vanish from my life. If it was by his choice, I would feel one way. If it was because someone did him harm, I’d feel another.

Addressing a mother’s angst was where I decided to start this story. She doesn’t consider herself a helicopter mother, but she know she can be strong-willed and opinionated. To a grown son, this can be off-putting, enough so that he might want to cut ties.

As a jumping off point, I asked myself the moment the son disappeared if he is messing with her. Can she even accept that to be the case, knowing what a good creative soul he is? No, she cannot. So now, to what ends will she go to find him? Will the police believe her if only a few hours have passed? Who can she enlist to help her on this daunting journey? His friends? His new wife? Her ex-husband? I also asked myself if someone means to do him harm, who would be the main suspects and why?

Regarding the setting, I’ve never lived in New Orleans but I’ve visited often, and I must admit there’s something about that city that lures me to its beauty and history, as well as its creepiness. The cemeteries. The perilous weather. Ghosts. Traditions. The variety of religions and beliefs. It seemed the perfect setting for the challenges I wanted my character to face.

Why did I make my protagonist the dean of a college with a journalistic background? I’ve never been one. I haven’t been a college professor or an investigator, either. I graduated with a degree in English. That is about as close as I get to this character’s background, but I thought these professions might give her a skill set that she would need. She’s organized. She’s thoughtful. She doesn’t give up. She has pursued stories to their conclusion.

And I gave her a family history that urges her to find out what lies someone might be hiding. If she’d known what her brother had been hiding, she might have been able to save him. Because of his death, she couldn’t save her father and mother. This time . . . to save her son . . . she must give it everything she has.

I hope you will enjoy this story with all its twists and turns, and I hope you will ultimately grasp how much a mother, a good mother, loves her child.

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